9 ways to have sex in winter and not freeze before climax

There is a special category of people who share a bond between each other, like a special connection through pain. These people, including myself, are cold-sensitive. Like me, they’re cold ALL the time. I recently moved to Berlin and right now, I am writing this article wearing layers of wool and two pairs of socks.

You would think that when you have sex, you get hotter, right? Well, yeah, I get hotter from the thighs to my belly, maybe my boobs too, but the rest of my extremities remain dead inside. So, I try not to think about it. I’m having sex for fuck sake, focus on the damn pleasure! But somehow, my frozen toes always come back to my mind and my goose bumps are all I can see.

This is why, with time, I have devised a series of strategic tricks to try and keep myself warm so I can enjoy every second of a hopefully great play session.

1. Baths, a winter treat

Of course, taking a bath is a great solution to keep your body temperature up. Plus, it’s bubbly and smells nice.

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2. Showers

Showers are also good but make sure to stay under the water.

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2. Stay under the covers

It might seem a bit prude or childish, but fucking under the covers will actually keep all the warmth coming from the friction of your hot bodies from vanishing.

True story.

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3. Furry tails

Live or fake, of course. An indifferent cat can be a good way to keep your hands warm while you’re being fucking from behind. If you don’t have a cat, wear something that looks like it.

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4. Hot water bottle

This is the greatest invention of all times. Carefully poor some boiling water into the container and gently wrap it in a towel. Place it on the mattress, under the covers. During the love act, discreetly position your toes under or on it. Following climax guaranteed.

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5. Carpets

Using carpets and soft materials to separate your sensitive skin from the cold floors is a great way to get warm.

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6. High socks

These trendy, preferably woollen, high socks will keep your calves warm and add a high-schoolish feel to the experience. Recommended!

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7. Sweaters and other clothes

You don’t always need to be naked to have sex. I actually enjoy sex when we’re both wearing something. It makes it dirtier somehow, and triggers our imagination more vividly. Besides, you don’t have to worry about catching a cold.

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Any kind of clothes, really. Am I sexy enough? Do I look sensual? Bitch, please. Wear a turtle neck and he/she’ll fuck you for hours.

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8. Embrace the cold

A method I’ve never tried myself, but I hear tales of crazy motherfuckers who get their knees in the snow. Maybe it would vaccinate me against the cold. But nope, just, nope.

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9. May I offer you a hot beverage?

If the above solutions don’t work, or even if they do, actually, you will need hot liquids in you before you can produce liquids of your own. My favorite: hot coco.

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  1. Aeryn Walker

    February 20, 2015 4:18 am

    Good advice! I have been thinking about how to stay warm a lot lately as I’m moving to Japan from country Australia and will be seeing snow for the first time. I’m terrified I’ll freeze my nipples or bits off in the cold, as I have no idea what cold is actually like! 😀 Going to have to get a Kotatsu and carry around a blanket for sexy time I think!

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