For a very cold-sensitive person like me, getting my clothes off between November and March can be a challenge. Keep in mind that few flats have heaters in Barcelona, and the windows are usually really crappy. So when you’re getting in the mood but you have this nasty cold chill running up your body, it can require some concentration to move past it. Here are a few pieces of advice that I thought would warm you up…

Sex in Winter can be… difficult


What should be hot feels…


But there are remedies!

1. Socks

It is commonly considered that wearing socks during sex is bad taste. In my opinion, it warms me up and after a while I couldn’t care less about what we’re wearing…



2. A hot shower

can  always get and keep you warm!


3. Or bath!

The joint is optional.


4. Or sauna/gym?


5. Of course, staying in.

No fucking in a field or tent under 20ºC.


6. A good fireplace

Definitely spreads the hotness around


7. Long foreplay

After a while playing, your body will warm itself up!


8. Watch porn!

A hot form of entertainment that will get those toes all hot and cosy.

alice inside gif porn lucie blush