The other day I posted the film Fuck Machines (Fickmaschinen), by Matt Lambert, and I’m so happy to say that about 10 years later, we can enjoy many more films by him, and they’re amazing. Watch Heile Gänsje, a deep portrait of youths in Berlin.

Searching for oneself and being born again, in Heile Gänsje

I was instantly captivated by this film. A group of friends are smoking, drinking, and talking about their sexual experiences. Nothing matters, except partying and being together, high. It goes on and on, like a long trip that may bring you answers, or not.  We can’t fight against what we want, and for a few minutes we follow this guy trying to make sense out of himself. It’s obscure, beautiful, honest…

Matt Lambert explained, in 1.4, that his work has been much more honest since he moved to Berlin, compared to his first films, like Fickmaschinen which was nihilistic and disenfranchised. Now, the aesthetics have evolved, I really love how he puts it: “It’s now become a fusion on hyper-intimate realism and visceral abstraction. This combination of highly visual and raw documentary, representing the ever-in-flux state of emotionally charged reality is something that has influenced all my work.”

It feels like the characters are still in their mother’s belly, covered in placenta, searching for themselves, and being born again…

The film was made in collaboration with Blake Wood in LA, who helped write the script, and initially aims at showing emotions and urges altering one’s reality.

[Via Dazed]