Jennifer Lyon Bell’s new, award-winning film, Silver Shoes, is not yet available so until then, I thought it would be nice to remind you of what this Amsterdam-based American director has already made for us. In this case, it’s Headshot, Bell’s first film, which basically asks us: can a film be hot without showing the sex?


This film was inspired by the 1963 film, Blowjob, by Andy Warhol. A video is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

We can only see the face of the man who is receiving the blow job. No money shots, no dick, no fake moaning. It’s all about the pleasure in his face. Headshot also portrays an intense sexual encounter, starring first-time actor Chris Brinkhof and mystery blow job giver, Katinka de Vries.

We follow the whole sexual encounter, but we can only see Chris from the waist up. Surprisingly enough, the result is an intense, beautiful and oh so arousing film featuring genuine pleasure.
The answer to the question “Can a sex scene be hot, even if you can’t see the sex” is definitely yes, at least for some people, including myself.

Why is a film hot then? Sometimes, it’s great to see the sex in action, sometimes it turns us on just as much to witness their facial expression. In the end, it’s all about the feeling, the tension, the eroticism in the little detail.

Watch the preview and the whole film here!

headshot by jennifer lyon bell