I’m sorry to brag so much about Berlin. What can I say, I feel at home here and ready to enjoy every bit of mystery and kink it has to offer. Berlin is very queer and this short preview of an underground party this week end will give you a sneak peak into how much fun the cold city of vice is.

HAUT – Come with an open mind and shed your skin.

It’s pretty rare than I turn my computer on, open my feed and find hot naked guys in an actually good erotic video, promoting “new forms of gender expressions and creative freedom”. This one is brief but intense, and I wanted to feature it here before going to bed.
After last Saturday’s sex party, I am looking forward to the next event and this teaser is stirring me up. Granted, I am not a gay man, but I’ve noticed that here, everybody is welcome everywhere, and that’s what makes it hot.

More info here.

HAUT from Chris Phillips on Vimeo.