Today, for our good porn session, I chose this video of Joymii featuring Maria C. and Jimmy, titled Happy Ending (adios, suspense). I was searching the web for good porn, and, you know me, I can’t post anything here that doesn’t make me horny first. And I was pretty disappointed at what I was seeing. No passion, everything seemed clumsy and soulless. Then I found this clip, which, surprisingly enough, really did the trick. I was expecting a few minutes of foreplay and then the typical sex: doggie, on top etc. However, this film is all about the play.

Happy ending and Foreplay forever

I usually need a good penetration on screen to get myself going, but this video is different. It’s all about the fingering and cunnilingus. I didn’t think this would be enough but the two actors are really intense, and Maria is obviously taking a lot of pleasure in letting Jimmy “handle” her with his experienced fingers and mouth. I didn’t think it could be so passionate and arousing but it really is!

Many women feel that they have the most pleasure when they masturbate, because they know their body better. Well, I think maybe this clip shows that letting someone else masturbate you, in some way, can really help you reach deep orgasm. With someone who knows what he or she is doing, it can be amazing. The mix between clitoris stimulation and G-spot triggering can give you pleasure, and not only one orgasm at the end of the line, but a series of orgasms as well as intense pleasure for a longer period of time.

Maria C. is apparently very experienced in the art of masturbation and she’s proof that you don’t always need the usual “penis + vagina” to get off.

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Redhead Maria C. Fingered In The Hallway Joymii powered by YouPorn.

happy ending joymii

happy ending joymii

happy ending joymii