Open the window. Turn the volume on. Take your clothes off. And dance it out! Or jerk it off, that works too… These two music videos by Focus Creeps and Fiat Frost are all about having fun and rock n’ roll!

1. Girls – Lust For Life by Focus Creeps

Girls is an American indie rock band from San Francisco. Lust For Life is a single they released in 2008. Focus Creeps is a duo made of a Photographer and a Director who shoot videos for bands like Arctic Monkeys, Vitamin Water… Mix all that together and you’ve got yourself a sweet NSFW music clip!

It’s gently retro, definitely fun and 100% carefree. It smells of holidays, booze, hook ups, suntanning and candy.

This is a Director’s Cut video with all the leftover footage “with all of the boobs, dicks, drugs, explosions, and live shots that we couldn’t put in the original”.

Girls – Lust for Life – NSFW version from Focus Creeps on Vimeo.

2. Body in Motion – Groovie Baby

This video was directed by Fiat Frost, an artist from Bangkok. The concept is simple. Naked girl + guitar = HOT. It’s not pretentious but nice to watch and very sexy. Just turn on the volume and enjoy! The video is part of Frost’s Body In Motion series, which also includes this video about breathing and nudity.

BODY IN MOTION – GROOVIE BABY from Fiat Frost on Vimeo.