has brought us a new series called Gay Of Thrones. You guessed it, the show features the sexual adventures of some characters we already know pretty well from Game Of Thrones.

Gay Of Thrones

It’s not actually a parody, it’s a real show. Every week in July, it goes into the fantasies we might have about Oberyn, Daario… They even swapped genders for some characters, like for Daenerys for example, who is now a guy. They also readapted existing plots, such as the love affair between Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon. Even if the original HBO show is pretty graphic in terms of nudity, it’s never 100% explicit, so this new series starring a cast of hot guys is here to satisfy us.

When I looked at it for the first time, I was doubtful that it could be any good, but it actually looks pretty cool and it doesn’t look like the acting is as horrible as we could imagine. They obviously put some money into this and I think the result looks hot and sexy.

This is a pretty soft version of the trailer, but you can see more GoT goodness here.

EDIT: Ok, vimeo deleted the already censored version of the trailer, so here’s another version on youtube. We’re lucky if we even see a nipple. WTF.