It makes sense that a video like this one emerges only two days after the broadcast of the first episode of the fourth season! Game of Thrones is famous not only because it’s an amazing show with great actors, but also because every episode offers us at least a scene with sex, or violence, or both at the same time. Here are all the scenes, yes, ALL the scenes!

game of thrones sex gif

All the Game of Thrones sex scenes

And when I say sex scenes, I mean even scenes with a little boob in it, even for a second. Some are appaling (yes, Drogo, I’m talking to you), some are weird (teenagers should NOT suck on their mum’s tit), some are really hot (hey Drogo, it’s you again) and even if there are more boobs than dongs, it’s still pretty fun to see our favorite actors getting naked.

From Tyrion having an orgy, to brother and sister Lannister getting it on, they’re all there! I’m a fan of the show, but to be honest, I did not remember Hodor’s dick being in it. Maybe my mind repressed it, who knows…

Anyway, we have the HuffPost to thank for that… so, enjoy!