May is the official Masturbation Month, so let’s remind ourselves that there is nothing wrong with some self love! I remember when I was a girl I would feel SO guilty after touching myself. Of course the guilt has passed and was replaced with “thank God I don’t have to wait for a guy to give me vaginal pleasure” and now it’s more like a “sometimes I just want to be on my own, deal with it” kind of thing.

Masturbation Month – Celebrating Self Love with lots of goodies!

So to start off this great month of May, here’s a selection of a few masturbating scenes. It doesn’t stop there! Until the end of the month we’ll have music playlists, photos, advice, interviews and much more! So stay tune jerkers!

Natalie Portman masturbating in Black Swan

Vulvaline – Masturbation and bicycles

Marnie masturbating in HBO’s Girls

Boys do it too! This is Henri VIII in Tudors

 Nick Thune walking on his roommate while jerking off


Let’s make it 6 scenes – Caprice One Fine Day

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