Waking up nicely, today.
Sunlight on my face.
As much sunlight as possible.

I love to party,
I love to have fun!

Everyday has great potential,
Every day can be amazing.
Believe in yourself!
Be Gorgeous.
Be Goddess.
Be Badass.

Hot water on my naked body.
Aloe vera, foam, particles,
Towel selfie.
What’s my best side?
Left, right, behind?
My body, my choice.

Jeans and crop top,
Or dress and boots?
Who knows what could happen.
I hope something happens.

12 notifications.
That’s it?
Swipe left, swipe right,
My thumb, my choice.

I feel pretty today.
No, I feel hot.
I AM hot.
Thank God I’m hot.

Him, or him, or her?
Why not. I’m free, so free,
I can do everything, and anything.
Does that shock you?
I’m independent.
I can fuck whoever I want.
Does that bother you?


Why bother with responsibilities?
It’s all a social…
A social construct!
Why bother.

I just want to have fun.
I deserve it.
Why should I have a shit life like the rest of them?
I’m free.
I’m me!
Free to love, free to fuck, free to choose.
What else is there, anyway?

Fuck fuck fuck.

I’m beautiful.
I’m special.
So many possibilities.
So many, I can’t see clearly.

There must be more.
There has to be.
More bodies.
More like me.
I’m not alone.

I’m not alone.

All goes dark,
In one second.
I’m still pretty, right?
Who am I,
Who am I, really?
What of me,
When all goes dark?
My body will be invisible.
Without it, I’m nobody.

What is it, anyway?
Blood, sweat, cum.
A maddening machine,
Holding me in forever,
Without my consent.

commonsensual by lucie blush

I want to break free.
I need to break free.
There’s nothing else, out there.
Nothing to live for.

It’s not fair.
I didn’t want to be here, anyway.
Why do I have to cope with all this?
Why does it have to hurt?

It’s not my fault.
I didn’t choose to be a girl.
I didn’t choose to bleed.
I didn’t chose anything.

It’s not fair!

Be good.
They tell me.
They force me with their words.
Be good or else!
So I try.
I try for them,
But I fail,
Because of them.

I could!
There’s no doubt about that.
I just don’t wanna.
I don’t wanna be good.

It’s too hard.
I never wanted any of this.
Everything dies.
Puppies die.
Poor people die.
It’s not fair.
They can’t expect me to take that.

They forced me into it.
That’s why I can’t amount to anything.
That’s why.
That’s why!

They shoved me into this thing,
This disgusting thing,
That I drag along everyday like a mule.

They don’t listen to me!
Nobody listens to me.
I don’t want to be here,
Somebody do something!

Why is nobody helping me?
They just don’t like me,
They’re mean,
They’re narrow-minded.
They just can’t stand how free I am.
They’re just jealous.
They’re just racist.

I will show them,
Show them how free I am,
Then maybe,
Somebody will hear me,
They will finally pay attention to me.

And if they don’t…

I will make them.
We, will make them.
I’m not alone.
You’re with me, right?
You’re also sad and ugly,
You too will fight for me, right?
You’re not like them. You’re nice!
Don’t be like them.
Be like me.
There is no misery in here.
No misery.
I can’t allow it.
I couldn’t handle it,
Here, by myself.

So let’s go fight!
Let’s show them we are worth something,
And destroy what they have achieved,
With their privilege,
Their fucking privilege,
Of not being miserable like me.

If I can’t figure it out,
How can they?
They can’t be stronger than me.
They must have cheated,
The cis, the whites, the males.
The patriarchy,
Is the only true conspiracy.

They want me out,
They hate me,
They hate you too!
They don’t want us to be free.
Because we’re different.
We’re better.
We must be.

What’s a wo-man anyway?
A curse. A prison.
It’s why they drown you at birth.
It gives more than it has.
It loves more than it receives.
How weak, how dumb.

I’m better than that.
I’m not a woman, I’m not a slave.
I’m not a man, I’m not a pig.

I must be something else!
Something better.
Something I choose for myself.
Nature has nothing on me.
I decide.

So I leave this reality…

How cosy it is here.
How safe.
How free.
Come with me.
You don’t need them.
They will take care of it.
There’s nothing we can do, anyway.

Don’t worry.
Values are just a form of oppression.
We are progress.
We are the future.
We, are evolution.

You don’t have to care.
Leave your sanity behind,
It’s a heavy burden,
You nor I can bear.

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