The bathroom is a place where we are mostly naked. We rub, brush, comb and spit. It’s a place where we feel safe and free to do all the freaky stuff we want. We may get clean but our thoughts are far from being pure, and it’s alright. I remember my grandmother walking on me when I was checking out my asshole, I was about 14. That was embarrassing, yes, but to be expected. The place is full of mirrors, creams and tools, so it’s the perfect spot to explore yourself… Here are four scenes that remind us that no matter how much we clean ourselves, we’re always dirty, and it’s ok.

1. Clean

A friend of mine showed me this video the other day and I kind of got hypnotized by it. It’s so pretty and warm and yet so suggestively dirty. Love it. The video was shot by photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern.

Clean from Richard Kern on Vimeo.

2. Blue Valentine

I may agree with those who think that shower sex is overrated. I love to use all the space that the bathroom has to offer and the shower seems too slippery and dangerous – wow, I’m not as reckless as I used to be in college! Anyway, I think Michelle Williams agrees with me as she kindly rejects the pretty and persistent Ryan Gosling.

Don’t miss the cunnilingus scene from this movie!

3. Angelica and Ben

The two gorgeous models get caught under the rain and run to the hot shower to warm up. I’ll let you guess what happens afterwards (they are attacked by a giant squid monster).

Watch the full scene on X-Art.

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4. Carrie

This scene from the remake of Carrie starts like a nice moment in the shower, checking herself out, until all hell breaks lose and periods ruin it. Typical.