Sunday afternoons are supposed to be the cosy, heavenly moment of the week. You’ve got the fan on and you’re streaming binging. Add porn to the mix and the anxiety of going back to work the following day completely disappears. Today, watch this new X-Art scene starring Carrol and Mike having some cosy fun times…

Carrol and Mike have cosy sex

The X-Art crew are good at shooting beautiful, exotic scenes with swimming pools and big design mansions, but they’re also really talented when it comes to simple, cosy films that make us warm all over. Take “Be With Me”, apart from the slightly cheesy title and the soundtrack that they probably took from Dawson’s Creek, that scene is hot and passionate. I feel like we could all identify with it. No fancy palace or luxury lofts, inside this cozy bedroom, the two models enjoy a chill, fun afternoon.

You don’t need a huge amount of money to make a good scene, all it takes is chemistry.

Check the preview below and watch the whole scene here.

Can’t see the video? It’s also here.


x-art carrol scene

x-art carrol

x-art carrol and mike