Jen Catalano is a model who lives in Boston, US. She has a very cool style, in my opinion, and we’re lucky to see her, behind the scenes, during a photoshoot by George Pitts.

Click below to watch the video! (There is no embed code for this one).

jen catalano erotic photoshoot

Jen Catalano, her body, our bodies.

People imagine that models are only these extra tall, extra thin girls who spend their day eating celery and going out with rich dudes. But, it’s actually not, always, this way. There are plenty of “alt” models who make us, the audience, ecstatically happy to peep. All bodies have beauty and that’s exactly the point of art: creating an emotion from anything.

Jen Catalano is absolutely beautiful, because she owns her body, and she’s herself.

I was a very self-conscious teenager. I was taught that what was important was the way people saw me. It took me a while to undo this. At first, I hated my body. Then, I tolerated it. Now, I wouldn’t exchange it for anyone’s. That’s why I’m truly happy that there are people like Jen and many other models, who put forward their personalities, their originality.

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