Since we can’t sleep through this end of the year madness, filled with old TV bloopers and cheesy movies, we have to make the best of it and enjoy what we have. I’m still looking for a few presents for my family – procrastination, you said? – so I will make today’s post short.

Christmas Cake

I found this yummy video earlier, between my grandma telling me to eat more and my dad asking if I have a new boyfriend… I understand that I am privileged to have been born in a rich country and actually having food on my table, so I won’t complain any longer, but I will say that I’d rather enjoy my Xmas cake the same way these folks do, in Christmas Cake by Ruski Play.

The only info I found about Ruski Play is that he is “closer than you think”. With that in mind, let’s enjoy the delicious and almost sploshing video of naked people fulfilling our destructive and oh so satisfying fantasy.

Christmas Cake by Ruski Play from Ruski Play on Vimeo.