I don’t really need to watch porn to get aroused. I get horny by listening to a good song or when I laugh my heart out. Other times, I NEED A VISUAL. It’s the end of the week and my brain feels like scrambled eggs. Right now, I’m not even sure I would ride the subway 10 minutes to hook up with someone. I have activated my emergency back up arousal though,  the one nested into my guts, but that’s only for when the fictitious son of Robert Downey Jr and Gael Garcia Bernal knocks on my door and says “I want you now” in a deep, but sweet voice.

Anyways, I am rambling instead of telling you that I have gathered a few inspiring photos and gifs to give you that last little boost before the week end, so your head is filled with naughty ideas.


Inspiring photos for your imagination

I always loved building forts.

cute couple {via}

Among other things…

hot sex gif{via}


erotic painting{via}

Gorgeous shot, really sexy, don’t you think?

naked sexy gif{via}

A slap here and a slap there, it’s Friday everywhere.

naked gif{via}

Gotta love the panties.

foreplay gif{via}

But who cares, they dropped deliciously fast.

sweet hot sex gif{via}