Maybe it’s the sun shining, the antibiotics or the view of this beautiful 69 scene from Lily and Max’s Pornographic Love site, but I’m already feeling much better. My body is waking up after four days being stuck in bed with tonsils the size of boxing gloves, while my friends were going to the beach – no, I’m not bitter… But these days are over, and a little bird told me you were horny, so I brought you this very hot scene… Enjoy!

69 reasons lily and max

69 reasons

I could think of a lot more reasons to do what they’re doing in this scene but hey, it’s all about the poetry. So, if you’re not much of a beach-goer, or church-goer, well, let’s say you’d rather stay home and entertain yourself, then enjoy all the sensuality of this scene. Enjoy the light, the love, the calm excitement, the complicity, and the pleasure…

You can watch the preview below and the full scene right here!