Summer 2014 has come like a big hammer, as we were still hesitating about stuffing out winter coats under the bed, and we kind of feel like Eric in the last episode of True Blood season 6.

true blood eric snow

But, it’s not like me to complain – yeah, really – so let’s make a hot situation even hotter, with these five cool summer sex scenes from TV and cinema, that will remind us how cool it can be to have sex in the summer, with all the sweating, tiny outfits, swimming pools, sweating, again…

1. Ping Pong gets hot with Lena Dunham and Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is one of these actors who have dug a special place in my porn heart thanks to scenes like this one, and also because I’m a big horror fan and Insidious is freaking awesome. It’s really weird to see these two go at it… It seems unnatural.

2 and 3. Kristen Bell is hotter than summer

Here are two scenes with miss Veronica Mars. The first one is from The Lifeguard, a movie that came out last year and that follows a young reporter who quits her job and goes back to her home in Connecticut to work as a lifeguard. There, she will start a dangerous relationship with a young guy – can you tell I ripped off the imdb synopsis? Anyway, when I watched the video I had no idea what the plot of the film was. I don’t really know if he is under 18, which would be pretty disturbing. I’ll let you judge.

Kristen Bell Sex Scenes in The Lifeguard (HD) por kisfiu87

The second video with Bell is a short scene from Stuck In Love, in which she enjoys some apparently unilateral sex but with a beautiful beach view, with Greg Kinnear.

Kristen Bell Bouncy Sex Scene from Stuck in… por kisfiu87

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson in Don Jon

I didn’t really love this movie, but that scene is priceless. She makes him come without even taking their clothes off while manipulating him into meeting her family and going back to school.

Scarlett Johansson Sex Scene – Don Jon (HD) por kisfiu87

5. Lizzy Caplan and Nicholas D’Agosto in Masters of Sex

Now, I don’t know if that scene takes place in the summer or not and I don’t care, it’s so sexy and sweaty I’m sure it was boiling hot in there. Don’t forget to read how Masters of Sex blew my mind

Lizzy Caplan por donaldwhitman