“Let’s get stuffed” could be Christmas’ motto. I don’t know what Jesus would think about that, but it’s the truth: from chocolate to savoury delicatessen, the end of the year is known for belt unbuckling and loud moaning, although not for very sexy reasons. Today, I have found for you, three videos from mainstream films or independent short films that will open up your appetite and remind you that food is not only for getting stuffed, but also fucked!

My Eye On You (Clin d’Oeil)

The first video is a slightly weird and arousing film by Tibo Pinsard, starring Maud Baecker and Antoine Morin. The couple is getting ready for a fantasy night, however in this case, it doesn’t involve whipped cream or strawberries, but quail eggs! There’s a cute metaphor about the eggs being part of the body, so you will have guessed it, the “eye” in the title is meant in the literal sense! And apparently, slowly eating them on the body of your partner can be a very hot foreplay!

Check it out.

Clin d’oeil (Eye on you) from Tibo Pinsard on Vimeo.

Bridesmaids – The Hungry Bear Sandwich

This is the end scene from the hilarious movie Bridesmaids, starring the wonderful Kristen Wiig. The scene features Melissa McCarthy having cool foreplay with the Air Marshall. Well, I don’t know if this scene will open your appetite and make you go on a diet, but personally I would go for the former. I would go for chocolate-based food, but that’s just my taste, I’m sure meats and cheeses and loose-flap-opening white bread can also do the trick…

Secret Diary of A Call Girl – Sploshing

I used to love this show when I was living in England. In this episode, Belle discovers the joys of sploshing with one of her clients. It’s all about freeing yourself for a moment, and going down and dirty…