21 men stripping naked in Private Dancer

After our little female video yesterday about the sexy geisha, today, let’s treat ourselves with pure eye candy. Private Dancer is a short film by Da Silva Productions, that literally show 21 men slowly stripping naked, at the same time. How hot is that?!

Men stripping and panties falling

Antonia Da Silva is a Portuguese Director who studied Fine Arts and Dance in London. His work is based on constant exploration and inspired by daily routines. Lately, he’s grown frustrated about how the mainstream media portraits sexuality, and male sex in particular, and has devoted most of his recent work to choreographing explicit male sex scenes. So you see how this was made to be featured here… Actually, when you go to the Da Silva website, the first thing you see is a picture of a penis, and it says “This is not a porn site. This is not a penis“. In my opinion, his goal is to turn upside down the usual mainstream clichés of male sex. Pretty cool, huh?

In this film titled Private Dancer, we can see twenty-one different men stripping down, each one in their own space and style. Some of them are clearly in a “dance” environment, while others are just in random places or in their home.

There is no music, at first, and it feels very… “naked”. I guess that’s the perfect word for it! And then, when the dancers only have their underwear left, a big classical/opera track comes in and makes us even more impatient to see the rest of the film.

It’s all very natural and appealing, the men are hot, friendly and above all, real.

The title says that it’s a work in progress, can’t wait to see the end result!

Click below to watch the video!

men stripping da silva

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