12 reasons why quickies are awesome

I’m a big fan of quickies. I think that spontaneity is crucial to maintain a certain level of passion and excitement in a relationship, and surprising your partner at unexpected times and places can be a huge turn on, at least, in my experience. So here’s a selection of hot gifs to illustrate why I think quickies are the best.

1. They’re exciting

Sex is primal, no need for an appointment!

erotic gif

2. You don’t need to take all your clothes off

It’s not about admiring each other’s bodies, it’s about liberating your inner animal. Clothes or no clothes, I don’t care!

sex gif

3. They’re spontaneous

The best sex is when you don’t feel obligated to do it, but when you feel the urge to give and receive pleasure, and when you’re on the same level as your partner.

hot gif

4. And passionate

It can get pretty hot! Hotter than you imagined…

hot sex gif

5. And unexpected

Just let your passion take over you!

quickies gif

6. No time to think or worry about things

No thinking of work, errands, money… Your mind is all clear and flooded with endorphins.

erotic gif

7. They can get intense and rough

Oh yeah. And you might discover a new side of your partner!

intense sex gif

8. They spice things up

They allow you to try new things

shower sex

9. And take you to places…

You can take advantage of whatever is near you, a table, a shower…

gif sex quickies

10. They’re a good memory

You can even get horny just thinking about it after.

sex gif

11. A nice story to tell

They can be pretty fun and hot anecdotes.

hot sex gif

12. And give you great pleasure!

You’ll want to do it again…

erotic sex gif

Come on, one more for the road…



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  1. Kathy

    March 5, 2014 4:19 pm

    I agree so much with you, quickies are the only thing I accept to be late because of ! 🙂

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