10 ways I feel when I have great sex [gifs]

What does sex feel like? It’s hard to describe, and every experience can be different. However, I have noticed that when I’m having good sex, a series of feelings drown me. I am very curious as what people like, feel and want when they have sex, and sharing my experience is part of trying to understand! Most people feel like they’re different, that they should, or shouldn’t like something, that they don’t look good enough, and they get self-conscious.

However, sex is the one moment we should all feel confident. It’s a great moment to access another part of you, and let your guards down for once.

Great sex makes me feel…

Of course, I’m talking about “great” sex here, the kind of fun that makes you feel real good, because let’s face it, we’ve all had bad experiences. But you know, the secret is to get back on the horse!

So, do you share the same feelings as me? Come on, don’t be shy and tell us what rocks your world!

1. Awesome

sexy couple gif
Source: lissetfsf

2. Wild

savage blake lively sex
Source: coluccka

3. Naughty

sex gif
Source: housv3

4. Hot

beach sex gif
Source: nousv3

5. Carefree

hot guy sex jeans gif
Source: kiedyscoswymysle

6. Self-confident

hot sex gif
Source: passionpicx

7. Empowered

hot man sex gif
Source: jessica-xoxo

8. Ecstatic

oral sex gif
Source: saynotoratchetness

9. Sensitive

sex gif sensual
Source: dirty lady diana

10. Impatient

skins sex gif
Source: eleym



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  1. Hailee

    December 9, 2019 12:30 am

    Wow love this

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