It was high time I wrote a post about Young And Wild, this Chilean movie from 2012 that won Best Script at the Sundance Festival. It’s fresh, fun and sweetly decadent. You’re gonna like it.

Young And Wild – Jóven y Alocada

This film revolves around Daniela, a bisexual, seventeen-year-old girl who writes a blog in which she talks about her life, her sexuality, her obsessions. Raised in a strict Evangelical family, she is unmasked by her shocked parents, as a “fornicator”. She will struggle to find her path to spiritual harmony, and share her most intimate experiences with her audience.

The film is absolutely rebellious and really represents a conflicted generation with contradictory access to both sex and puritanical, religious boundaries.

It’s a very honest film, far from the Hollywood BS, that will arouse you, make you think and want to live your life to the fullest.

The film was directed by Marialy Rivas, written by Camila Gutiérrez, María José Viera-Gallo y Pedro Peirano, and Alicia Rodríguez plays the role of Daniela.

You can stream it here and buy the DVD here.