It’s always cool to find a good music video that features some juicy action, and I’m not talking about the good old rap videos raving about their money and their “bitches” dancing around, but more about videos that mix lyrics, music and erotica to trigger arousal, like Lips by Human Human.


The band from Montreal is mostly inspired by Brit music and 80s style. In their latest song, like the title suggests, lips are kissed and licked, bodies are squeezed and legs are wrapped around hips.

It’s not so explicit but it doesn’t need to be. Making out sessions are mixed with images of wide blue skies that emphasize on the feeling of freedom, summer and carelessness. Close-ups remind us of the electricity that passes from one person to another when they get more and more turned on and accompany us throughout the sexual build up.

The clip, produced by DTO Films and directed by Kevin Calero and Zoe Pelchat, is like a breath of fresh air french kiss, and I love it!

Get the music here.

Human Human – Lips from DTO FILMS on Vimeo.