I am happy to report that there are new films available on Ms Naughty’s online cinema Bright Desire! Today, let’s watch Yes, Sir, a sexy submission / domination game with Siouxsie Q and Mickey Mod.

Yes, Sir

I’ve been exploring a little BDSM myself in my personal life and I have to say it’s nice to find a scene that shows a newbie discovering the kinks of this type of play for the first time. It’s not too kitsch or cliché and it’s a nice introduction to kinky games without it being an “experts” video or an educational film.

Siouxsie Q and Mickey Mod have an awesome connection. You can feel the sexual tension and the trust that are developing between them. She plays an innocent newbie snooping around the secret playroom, but of course Mod catches her and will show her the ropes, literally.

Ms Naughty explains: “I’ve done my best to focus on female pleasure and to also depict a female perspective in this scene. No headless male performers here!”

You can watch the preview here or the full scene on BrightDesire.com!

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