There are a ton of erotic films featuring hot women online. Actually, there’s nothing but that, but it’s still hard to find a video in which you actually see the woman, instead of following pairs of never-ending tanned legs going round and round. These two videos are both naughty and hot and appreciate the beauty of the whole person.

Hardcore: Thays Vita by Haruo Kaneko

The Brazilian Hardcore magazine published this video of Thays Vita shot by Haruo Kaneko last October. I thought it was going to be the same average naked girl video, but it turned out to be sexy and intruiging.

Revista Hardcore: Thays Vita por Haruo Kaneko from Revista HARDCORE on Vimeo.


This self portrait video by Photographer Laura Bentley is intimate, slow and mysterious, allowing us to appreciate her body and pleasure fully.

(moving) self-portrait from Lauren Bentley on Vimeo.