This music video for the song Winter In The Sun by French band Hypnolove reminds us of a time when delivery guys were the luckiest men in the world, when women would open the door in a loose towel, and when 40-year-old men would drop off their kids and go fuck a young student in their car. Actually, times haven’t changed that much, have they?

Old and new in Winter In The Sun by Hypnolove

This video gives a fresh look to scenes and clichés we still have in our heads, from the 70s, and old porn. Life in the suburbs is never as calm as we think it is, and even if it’s not always Desperate Housewives style (I hope), it’s still enough to make us enjoy the show. It’s funny how things repeat themselves and trends work in cycle.

The film is pretty vintage and hipster, but don’t worry, it’s still fun and not pretentious at all. I was surprised to actually see full nudity in the video, and it makes it much cooler, although I guess the bushes are not as hairy now than they were in the 70s!

Anyway, the song is from the band’s new album “Ghost Carnival”, and the film was written and directed by Mathieu Tonetti and Bianca Benloukil, and produced by Vetta Films.


Hypnolove – Winter In The Sun (Pilooski Edit) (Official Video) from Record Makers on Vimeo.

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