Why tattoos and sex make a hot couple (part I)

Hey everybody, I have been thinking to get another tattoo for a few months, and I will probably make it happen next Autumn, so it made me think about all that is hot about tattoos.

I have loved tattoos since always, my dad as one, my grandparents had them too… I just think that beside being really interesting and mysterious, they’re also really hot and can make the sex much more attractive, if you’re into it. It adds a kinky touch that can boost your rush!

Of course, fashion and trends in general have put their nose in the tattoo business, and many people wear the same kind of drawings, but when you find an original one, a personal tattoo that can tell something about a person, it’s really worth the look.

So I have prepared one of my little gif lists to show you how much tattoos are hot.

1. A tiny tattoo can make a big difference

tattoos and sex gifs

2. A big tattoo can also make a big difference…

tattoos and sex gifs


3. It’s waterproof (obvious, but still the best thing about it)

tattoos and sex gifs


4. You don’t have to see them, you know they’re there.

tattoos and sex gifs



5. It can make the discovery of the body much more interesting

tattoos and sex gifs


6. It’s a nice view

tattoos and sex gifs


7. It’s hard and soft at the same time

tattoos and sex gifs
Source: http://gaj0romar1ogifs.tumblr.com


8. It makes you want to touch yourself. Really.

tattoos and sex gifs
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