There’s a big cliché around homosexuality. Gay women are supposed to be big blokes with short hair, and all gay men are supposed to be very effeminate and love fashion. Yes, there are also the gay “bears”. But you don’t need to wear leather and have a YMCA moustache to suck a guy’s cock… By now, we all know those clichés are just a load a bullshit. And one of the things I love the most, is seeing big, supposedly “macho” guys having hot sweet sex together. The two videos are at the end of the post…

These stereotypes also affect straight men in general. Are you still a “real man” if you’re really skinny? If you wear eye-liner? If you don’t like football?

meme moustache manly man

I’ve generally been more attracted to hot, muscled, vikings with beards, who look like they can carry you with one hand and finger you with the other. However, I’ve also been attracted to more “ambiguous” guys. I used to be a huge fan of Placebo’s lead singer Brian Molko, the icon of European glam rock.


The more I grow up (figuratively, I got stuck at 1,62m about 12 years ago), the more I appreciate a guy’s ease and confidence about other men and the complexity of sexuality.

dracula jonathan rhys meyers gay kiss gifThis is Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Dracula, kissing a guy. This had made me horny for about three days.

Here are your two scenes, one from one of my favorite shows, True Blood, and one from a Spanish movie. The guys are very “manly” and seeing them together makes me crazy horny!

Jason dreams about Warlow in True Blood

Warlow is a vampire. Jason drank his blood, and now he has fantasies about him, and it’s pretty damn hot!

Eduardo Noriega and Leonardo Sbaraglia in Burnt Money

Nene and Angel are hiding out in Uruguay after robbing a bank. I think they found something to occupy themselves…