Seeing men in an erotic, emotionally-charged context is rare. As an adult filmmaker, I can tell you that it’s pretty hard to find a guy who would accept to strip in front of the camera and be put in a vulnerable position, but there are a few who are up to the challenge. It is always refreshing for me to find videos featuring hot men who are confident with their body and sexuality, so here are three videos in which the guys get naked and make us look at men on screen in a different way.


I already mentioned Gracie Hagen’s project here. This is a new chapter that was released a couple of days ago and I just love how cute the guy is. A little bit nervous but totally adorable, he lets us wander around his body.

39. from Gracie Hagen on Vimeo.

George and Essex for Heavenly Spire

You’d be surprised to know how much gay porn straight people watch, especially women. Somehow, it sometimes look less violent towards our gender and hey, twice as many hot guys! That’s why I love this scene between George and Essex. It’s slow, laid back… Nothing to do with the clichés we may have in mind.

Watch the full film here!

Robert by Bell Soto

This is a little eye candy brought to us by Bell Soto with Robert Mull. Ssshhh, shut up and enjoy…

ROBERT from Bell Soto on Vimeo.