Don’t be fooled by our precious summer magazines, it’s not all about skinny white girls. Skinny, fat, short… everybody can enjoy sex fully with a little bit of sex confidence and inspiration. We tend to think that people only like young, thin girls, but it’s really not the case at all. We all have our unique tastes and there is plenty for everybody. This selection of three hot scenes starring curvy women will remind you how much love handles deserve their name.

Being a chubby girl myself since my teenage years – damn you puberty! – I know it can be hard to accept your inner sex Goddess aura but it’s there and when it’s out, it’s the best thing ever.

Freshie Juice

When you watch this video, you won’t think about fat or diet, but just Wow, I wish I could be that hot. This short film was brought to us by The First Moments, a project by Richard Inonog who set his mind on showing us the first few days, weeks or months of a person’s relationship with a woman. The coyness, the excitement, the desire, the learning and reception.

Freshie Juice from The First Moments/Richard Inonog on Vimeo.

The Two Alexes – Cabaret Desire

This scene from Erika Lust’s Cabaret Desire features Sofia Prada and Toni Fontana not being able to keep their hands off of each other. Plenty of skin to grab on in this passionate scene!

Lesbian Curves

If you want even more hotness and feel like burying yourself in boobs and skin, this is for you. Lesbian Curves 3 by Courtney Trouble mixes soft girls and strap ons in a plus-size session with gorgeous fat femmes. It was high time we got some fresh porn with curves!

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