Many people are grossed out by period sex. It seems women are some kind of freaks that turn crazy and/or evil every full moon, when it’s fact, it is just a natural phenomena.

Don’t be afraid. We don’t bite. Unless we have to.

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I know it always seems to come at the wrong time – like every time you go to a water park or a hot date, period guaranteed.

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And that it can get pretty messy, but sex always is! It would be boring otherwise, don’t you think?

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Not guilty

I just hate how somehow it makes us feel guilty, ashamed of our bodies, when there’s really nothing wrong with it. It can even be a moment of celebration!

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Besides, a lot of women get super turned on when they menstruate, so we’ve got that working for us, it would be a shame to waste it!

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Sometimes, my body betrays me

It’s true that we’re not in control of our own bodies, like the black and white artistic erotic short film below suggests. But it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride.

So, get over it.

Parfois, mon corps me trahit. (Sometimes, my Body Betrays Me.) from Marc Blackie on Vimeo.