Apparently, what happens is a lot of licking and weird ass sci-fi-like props that contribute to making this short film for Designer Gianmarco Lorenzi, hot as hell. This badass film features the designer’s luxury high heel shoes and the latex couture of Très Bonjour.

Latex + high heels

Models Lex Anna Olsen and Mia Lucie seem to be having some seriously kinky fun in this video. Obviously, I love the shoes. I would be physically incapable of wearing them of course, but this is a fantasy, folks. It’s all about the glamour, the tightness, the submission and domination relationship.

The way I understand it, the girl is pushed to a whole new world of sexiness, in which she will lose herself and look fabulous at the same time.

Director by Valentina Bertani, this film made my day and put me in the mood for a good spanking session. Go figure!  

gianmarco lorenzi tres bonjour latex

gianmarco lorenzi high heels