Masturbation is not only about jerking off for a two minutes after work with a pack of cookies in your other hand. It can be an awakening, a personal exploration of your body and your fantasies or a slow preparation to a play date. These three videos will show you masturbation is a perfect way for warming up, in all meanings of the word.

Warming Up

Nothing like a nice sunbathed solo session to get the temperature rising. I’ve already talked to you about Joe Wehner’s voyeuristic project and this is one of his short films. Beautiful!

Warming Up from Joe Wehner on Vimeo.

Pandora Blake in Instructed

This is the teaser for a very cool film that was shot in Toronto during the Feminist Porn Awards this year and I remember grasping Ms Naughty’s reaction after the shoot, as she was amazed by the inspired scene she had just shot with spanking queen Pandora Blake.

Pandora got to the hotel room, thinking she was going to meet up with her boyfriend, only to find a letter filled with sexual instructions as to how she was to prepare herself for his arrival. The emotion of it all is real and Pandora is going to obey every item on the list, from spanking herself to masturbating.

>>Click here to watch the full scene<<

Frank Yang : A Real Orgasm

This is a pretty cool video by Frank Yang who, one day, decided to jerk off on his roof at 6 a.m. Why you ask? Well, the idea was to transmit intimacy with the viewer with a close up of his face, which also helped not being censored by youtube or vimeo.

The video starts in black and white until the sun rises and Frank peacefully orgasms, seeing bright colors again. Another nice way to warm up…

Beside the fact that he’s pretty cute, Frank also cleverly bonded with each viewer by promising to masturbate every time someones plays the video. I sincerely hope for his health that he did not hold himself up to that.

More here.

Frank Yang – A Real Orgasm (masturbates on his roof) from Frank Yang on Vimeo.