An intense and ocult atmosphere is palpaple in the new video by Four Chambers, featuring not only the Goddesses of the collectice, Vex and Blath, but also queer porn queen, Courtney Trouble. Check out Alchemy // Chrysopoea of Cleopatra.

Alchemy // Chrysopoea of Cleopatra

Back to an ancient world where alchemists dreamt of cascading gold, one Cleopatra who searched for the precious metal left us with carvings of her tools, the Chrysopoea.

cleopatra chrysopoea

Inspired by these magical stories, the three women engage in a rich and hypnotizing sexual ritual and make us sweat with primitive urges. It’s always a pleasure to rediscover the Four Chambers’ characters in a new setting, especially when they mix with the creme de la creme of alternative porn.