This movie adaptation of Michelle Tea’s award-winning novel Valencia is a series of 21 short 5-minute-films. The book tells the story of a twenty-something queer, punk girl who arrives in San Francisco in the 1990s…


So a bunch of filmmakers, photographers, video artists… got to interpret and shoot one chapter of the book each. The result is a series of films that you can watch in a row or as individual narrative films, which is pretty cool.

The first chapter of the book features a graphic and pretty hilarious fisting scene and the author was thrilled to hand out this chapter to queer femme Courtney Trouble, founder of IndiePornRevolution

“I want the audience to make a connection that these kinds of interactions – the kind a queer woman tends to experience when she first moves to the bay of confusion, creativity, insatiable lust, wonder, exclusivity, rejection, and revelations – could happen anywhere, to anybody, and let all of the following chapters play off of that idea.” – Courtney Trouble.

Enjoy the short trailer below and watch the first chapter by miss Trouble here.