A little while ago, I posted a few pictures from the set of Up All Night, my new film, starring Joel and Alexa Tomas. Well, the film is almost ready and because I’m a big tease I made up this trailer video for you!

EDIT: The film is now available to watch online! Watch it now here. 

Trailer of Up All Night

With this film, I wanted to give a more intimate, yet fun take on a wild night. It’s about Alex and Theo, a soon-to-be couple who are going to enjoy the rising sexual tension and finally sleeping together during a party that Alex is hosting at her place. We follow the blooming couple throughout the night, from an early night foreplay session to a passionate moment after they come back from the club after dawn, and in different locations of the house. I wanted to show a set, an atmosphere, a situation that we can all relate to. I feel porn is better for me when I can identify with the characters, so I hope that you will enjoy this film! I also wanted to stay away from these scenes where everything happens in the bed and I wanted to explore the rest of the apartment and add some mystery and excitement to the story.

Alex and Tomas are a real couple, and they’re also professional porn actors, which I think is great because they were very good on set and they also feel comfortable and passionate about each other.

Here’s the trailer. The film will be available on www.luciemakesporn.com on July 21st.