Hey honey, wanna try something different tonight? As appealing as these words sound, you never really know what the other person has in mind. Maybe they watched some porn that afternoon or simply got inspired, and the outcome can be sexy as hell or… absolutely awkward. Check out these four scenes from TV shows in which spicing things up becomes either extremely hot or simply a traumatizing experience.

James and Virginia in Masters of Sex

Let’s start with the good stuff. The new season of Masters Of Sex is awesome and sexy and you can feel that the characters have definitely evolved. The shy, reserved doctor Masters has found a deep appetite within himself and he surprises the gorgeous Lizzy Caplan by introducing some spontaneous, kinky games.

Lizzy Caplan nude – Masters of Sex S02E03 (2014) by robertzre

Ilana, Abby and Lincoln in Broad City

Now, introducing a third person in the mix can be very exciting. However, the way Ilana involves her best friend Abby in her routine night fuck with Lincoln is not exciting per se, but rather intriguing and definitely uncomfortable for two thirds of the trio.

If you haven’t started watching Broad City, do it now, it’s awesome.

Alicia and Peter in The Good Wife

The only good thing about summer ending is that all our favorite shows come back to us. The Good Wife has been my home runner for a few years now and it has some spicy scenes that are worth mentioning.

In this scene, Alicia and Peter are not in a very good place in their marriage, but he manages to get her attention by going down on her in the bathroom. Reluctant at first, she welcomes the initiative with great pleasure.

Hannah and Adam in GIRLS

Being thoughtful and trying to surprise your partner with a new trick generally helps. However, when Adam starts peeing on Hannah in the shower, in what he thinks is a gentle and funny approach, doesn’t quite have the effect he expected.

If the guy was a long-term boyfriend of mine, I don’t think I would have minded much – I like to pee in showers myself – but Adam’s creepy smile doesn’t help the situation. How would YOU have reacted?

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girls hannah adam pee shower scene