Tinder is the invention of the century. You might not like it or use it, but instant online dating is part of our lives. It can also bring you some nice surprises, and this scene by the all-female team of Ersties is exactly how you want your first Tinder date scenario to go.

Tinder date with a happy ending

I’m moving to Berlin the day after tomorrow and I’m happy to report that the Germans have some pretty cool porn in which golden showers are not necessarily involved.

This scene is brought to us by Ersties, a group of girls who love porn and who are on a mission to show female sexuality and eroticism in a natural way. This time, it’s about two strangers who meet on Tinder and have a date. The concept goes a bit further though. They’re actually going to have sex on their first date, for our hungry pleasure.

The actors talk about what they expect and it’s always nice to have this kind of interviews because it makes us feel closer to the characters and the story.

{Via lightSouthern}