Hey folks, I’m happy to report that a new movie is available on luciemakesporn.com. It’s Two Of Us, by Nico Bertrand, whom you may remember from Sex Surfing. Check out Amber Nevada and Shelly Sweetie in the long preview below…

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Two Of Us

So, Amber and Shelly are friends in real life. They wanted to shoot this scene together to remember all the times they had sex together in their private life or the times they did webcamming in Madrid.

Nico grabbed their intimacy and invites us to witness this super hot moment between two women who know and enjoy each other’s body. He explains that he was merely a spectator capturing a real intimate moment of their lives.

What I also love about this scene is that it’s super chilled, friendly game between people who really like each other. The two women even try to reach more than five orgasms, which gives for some pretty hot and funny shots.

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two of us