You might have seen this video before. It was the object of a copyright issue a while ago, and was finally “reborn” into this awesome clip. This is They Call Us Animals.

They Call Us Animals

This video is the work of Catrin Hedström, a great video artist who was asked to make the music video for a band she loved. Unfortunately, after months of work, she released the video and it got so popular that the band asked her to take it down. We can now rediscover this video with another song by They Call Us Animals. The official site is down so I couldn’t get all the info I needed, but I think that the concept was that everybody could suggest their work under Creative Commons copyright license.

Anyway, I agree with almost everybody who says this video is amazing. It’s not really explicit, but the bodies are beautifully shot. It’s all about representing our basic instincts, our need for contact, the way we touch, how we crave other people’s skin… It shows really well this moment when we absolutely need to grab someone’s body, scratch their skin, when we get so horny we want to bite them…

More on their twitter account