It’s not summer yet and I have to admit I’ve been geeking out at home watching old and new TV shows. I should probably go out there and get a social life, and I will, but please mom, just one more episode! Since is all about my personal turn-ons and experience, I wanted to share the sexiest sides of my fantasy co-characters with the steamiest gifs and join my two great loves, gifs and TV… Just so you know, they are not in order of preference.

Of course not all my shows are here, it was kind of hard to find a steamy gif with Mr White and Skylar…

1. Game of Thrones

This is NOT an easy one, because there are so many sex scenes! So I thought I’d choose the most recent ones, from the new season, featuring very hot Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell…

game of thrones sex gif

game of thrones sex gif

2. The Good Wife

Hottest romance on screen between Will and Alicia

will and alicia sex gif

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Oh how I miss MicSteamy and Izzy and Alex! The show is not over, but it might as well be…

steamiest gifs grey's anatomy

izzy and alex grey's anatomy gif

4. True Blood

Gotta love this show! Can’t wait for the next season coming next month! For more sexy stuff from True Blood, read this and that.



5. Dexter

Ok, for me Dexter is a sexless character. Besides, I was so disappointed with the ending of the show that I will be forever pissed about Dex. Still, this scene was pretty hot…

dexter sex scene gif

dexter sex gif

6. Mad Men

Don Draper, you’re an ass but God you’re hot…

mad men hot gif




7. The Tudors

Anything with Jonathan Rhys Meyers goes really…


tudors sex scenes in the woods

8. House of Cards

Hot! You can watch the full scene here or the one with Kara Mara here too.

house of cards threesome

9. Buffy

Remember adolescence? Fun terrible times…


10. Sons of Anarchy

Oh Charlie

charlie hunnam sex gif