The fantasy of the perfect Saturday is sometimes attainable if all the right conditions meet during a sweet week end. Today wasn’t as glamorous as this post, but we can all dream, right? So, enjoy these photos and videos that I’ve selected and depict my favorite things to do on the real ‘holy’ day. Feel free to suggest your own…

Sleeping in

I like to have absolutely nothing planned in the morning. No groceries, no errands. Just sex and cartoons.

sexy gif{via}


Juicy and plenty of vitamins to keep the fun going.

nude breakfast on saturdays{via}

Play time

I guess Saturdays are fun because sometimes it reminds us of the time when we were kids and nothing to worry about. Play time is important, and remember:

Steel Cobra saved us over 100 billion times from aliens, nuclear disaster, the zombie alien robot apocalypse, has has the sex with over ten million women, does yoga everyday, martial arts master…

steel cobra from Ashes Wednesday on Vimeo.

Nap time

Need I say more?

let's fuck gif{via}

Getting ready

There is a party tonight. Obviously I’m tired from a day of resting, it’s dark and cold outside. But put some music on and get ready to look fabulous!

Bill Tanaka is a photographer and director who has quite the effect on the girls of No Candy, Malou and Manon from Amsterdam.

We ♥ Bill from No Candy on Vimeo.


Then comes the moment to move your ass and get out of your house into the outside world. If you’re lucky, it will be filled with leather and sex-positivity and you’ll meet the guys from Fantastic Party.

FANTASTIC PARTY ░ Promo 3 from Nik Dimopoulos on Vimeo.