Don’t you love this moment when, just thinking about the last time you had sex makes you so hot and horny? Like when you laugh about something that someone said months ago, the body and mind also remember the pleasure. Like a sexy echo, the feelings you already felt, come back, leaving your whole body shivering, and wanting more! This erotic short film titled Bless – The Morning After, is just about that.

The Morning After, my body remembers

In this video, model Gil Soares re-lives the hot night he had with what we assume was another hot guy. From the flashbacks, we understand that they had crazy sex in the bathroom of the club. It’s all about the skin remembering the touch and the kisses. The adrenaline and the desire made that moment hard to erase from the brain, and wandering back into passion is a great feeling, so great it can make concentrating and focusing difficult! You touch yourself, trying to reenact the best moments of the night, running through your head the movements and the body of your partner.

The film was made by Video Editor Luis Mestre from Lisbon. The music (Alt-J – Slow/Dre – Kylie Minogue vs. Dr. Dre) makes it really sexy, dark and mysterious. I also love the contrast between the flashbacks and the real-time shots.


Below the video, sexy pictures of Gil Soares…

the morning after erotic short film

gil soares

gil soares

gil soares