I love these days when I find the perfect video right after opening my feed. This short film titled The Fear Of The Orgasm – La Peur De L’Orgasme in French – by De La Vega with rising star Amarna Miller, is sexy, intriguing and totally different from what you know. Check it out!

The fear of the orgasm

How does climaxing make you feel? Sometimes, it does scare me a little. Or it upsets me, because the build up can be slow and awesome and feeling that it’s right there at the end of the line can be an intense, raging experience.

This physically overwhelming moment that we crave over and over has a big power over us. It’s kind of like that scene in the third Matrix movie – yes, I like all three of them, get over it – when Neo is blind and Trinity drives their ship above the clouds, above the pollution and misery of the world, briefly feeling ecstasy before going back down to reality.

Amarna Miller is everywhere these days and this shows how awesome she is.


La peur de l’orgasme / The fear of the orgasm from De la vega on Vimeo.