A little while ago, I featured a very cool scene by Carles M and starring Maya Homerton, which I found on Irina Vega‘s Alt Porn4U. I had the pleasure to see Maya again in a dark, sexy as hell video called First Person Plural, by Marc Blackie.

First Person Plural by Marc Blackie

Marc Blackie is a photographer and director based in London. There’s a sentence, on his site, DisappointedVirginity, which, in my opinion, transmits his work pretty well: […] picking away at the sinister underbelly of desire.

You can really see the darkness in his films, and I especially love this one, which explores the most sinister aspects of fellatio and ends in a bloody self sacrifice, sucking dick so much that her mouth ends up full of blood.

I personally love sucking dick, and part of this attraction is the primal mix of shapes and the aesthetics of the whole thing, which reminds myself how much of a happy, free whore I am.

The film aroused me and also made me slightly uncomfortable, which I think is totally awesome. Erotica and porn rarely trigger such intense sensations, and Homerton is absolutely mesmerizing.

What do you think?