The word selfie is still on everybody’s digital lips, and it’s even better when you make it hot, and I mean really hot, hot like a full artistic nudity. Ken gives us a peak into himself by taking erotic photographs of his own body. I’ve asked him a few questions, check it out!

Gorgeous male erotica

Ken is a 37-year-old French guy who’s been posing in front of his camera for about seven years. He likes the curiosity that nudity generates and he likes to be at the center of it. Much like people who talk about their private lives on the Internet, he’s a kind of exhibitionist, but in a way that is more “pure” than showing off your new car or baby.

He likes to use light, contrasts and black and white to create some kind of magic around his body, to generate a thought, a feeling.  Apparently, a lot of men and women compliment him on his work, and it’s very refreshing to see a man who’s confident enough to give exposure to himself by creating his own little sensual world.

– What’s the favorite part of your body?

My legs, my hands, and my sex.

erotic selfie by ken

– If I may ask, what’s your sexual preference?

I’m straight, in my sexual relations and attractions, but I’m pretty curious when I watch porn and sometimes I watch gay porn.

ken pictures hot male erotica

– About your work, are you open to a general audience? or more towards women?

Especially women, yes, but I’m happy that everybody enjoys my work: women, gay guys, and also straight guys!


– Do you feel pleasure exposing yourself?

Yes, a lot, it’s exciting, instinctual, and it gives me a lot of pleasure.


– Do you think that today’s mainstream porn lacks sensuality? Art? Finesse?

It’s a wide issue, I think there should be a wide variety of content, for everybody. I don’t really know today’s porn in depth because personally, I enjoy things with a quality touch, a beautiful image, more than usual porn. I like when you can feel that something is happening, when you feel the excitement of the bodies. I also love sets that are original. For example, “ifeelmyself” drive me crazy, I love it.

So yes, I would love to see more beautiful porn, and less gonzo with huge guys who take coke, and I think women can bring that to porn.


– Any upcoming projects?

More followers! And finding someone who could help me spread my work or even publish my work on paper. All this is a confidential hobby, I think I still need some time to assume my photos. We’ll see!

ken male erotic photos

Check out the rest of his work on his tumblr!