Sex is not all fun and one night stands. It’s a way for people to express themselves, share something with someone they like, or love, and sometimes it’s a way not to say anything. Relationships are complicated and sex doesn’t always makes it easier. Below is a compilation of sex scenes from the show Tell me you love me, which depicts the lives of couples who share the same therapist. 

Michelle Borth – all sex scenes from Tell Me… por yRpH1U9U

Tell Me You Love Me is a TV show that aired in 2007. The first, and only, season revolved around three couples, in committed, but troubled, relationships.

The first couple are Jaime (Michelle Borth) and Hugo. Well, they actually stop being a couple when she breaks up with him. The show follows her trying to get over it. Then, come Katie and David. Katie is played by Ally Walker, who played in the TV Show Profiler, years ago, can you remember her? Unfortunately, kids and years of marriage have killed the passion. Finally, Carolyn (played by Sonya Walger, that we can remember from Lost) and Palek (Adam Scott) who share a very passionate relationship but can’t seem to get pregnant.

Here’s a very hot scene with Carolyn and Palek:

Tell Me You Love Me – Sonya Walger – Sex Scene 1 por memker

Talking about Sonya Walger, it reminds me that there’s also a few sex scenes with the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone in Lost! Here’s a hot gif to refresh your memory:

boone carlyle gif lost

Realistic sex scenes

Anyway, the show got a lot of publicity from the very realistic sex scenes. As you can see in the video above, they’re really easy to identify with. The audience felt it was easy to relate to the characters and their situation.

There was a debate about whether the sex scenes were real, and I’m not sure, but they still look very good and realistic.

It’s not always that a show combines realistic insight on couples AND feature explicit sex scenes. Let’s thank HBO for that!

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