Last week, I told you about “Life”, the first of three short films from Life, Love, Lust, by Erika Lust. Today, since Monday is a gay-themed day on, I wanted to show you the last short film of the movie: “Lust”, showing an extremely hot tantric massage.

The Lust of tantric massage

The scene starts Lara Tinelly and Lola Fellini, and it was shot in Tantra Touch, a tantric massage place in Barcelona. It’s about this shy girl who hasn’t been with anyone for a while, and who’s curious to try a tantric massage, in order to get some pleasure and contact. She will definitely enjoy herself!

She’s obviously a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but Lola has experience and she will ease her into a moment of pure pleasure. The massage has always been really close to sex. It’s a good excuse to get close to someone, it’s even sometimes code for sex: “hey, you owe me a massage, remember? *wink wink*”. It’s a big part of (fore)playing and getting slowly in contact with your partner, touching his/her skin and letting your libido do the rest.

The tantric massage is sensual by definition. It’s about using your whole body to pleasure the other one, and make him/her enter nirvana. It aims at enhancing sexual arousal, by stimulating all the erogenous zones of your body. Sounds pretty good, huh?

And, as you can see, lubricant is key!

You should definitely check out the HD preview and watch the whole film here!

tantric massage lara tinelli

tantric massage lola fellini

tantric massage lola fellini

tantric massage lola fellini lara tinelli