Dirty Killer – Dark and sensual video by the Courtesans

This is a really hot music video for Dirty Killer (The Bad Atom remix) by British band the Courtesans. It's weird and sensual and dark and I love it! Dirty Killer by The Courtesans The four women describe their work as "erotic, cinematic, atmospheric and as addictive as Absinthe". They mix music and video to…

Monster Hunter – Erotic steampunk by Marlo Marquise

Marlo Marquise is a cabaret, striptease and suspension artist from New York. In Monster Hunter, she lets us in her own little world, mixing burlesque erotica and steampunk props. Check it out! Marlo Marquise The atmosphere is bizarre and strangely hypnotizing. This little peak into Marlo's fantasy world is extremely sensual. I love the props…

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